Rock your scent with our vibrant new celebrity fragrance — Outspoken Fresh by Fergie. Hey Fergie fans, see the exciting brochure promotion featuring the award-winning international superstar. And the $19.99 intro special.

Campaign 6 (C-6). Online until Tuesday 03/10/2015 midnight EST. Campaign 6 (C-6). Online until Tuesday 03/10/2015 midnight EST. Pages 42-43.

Outspoken Fresh by Fergie Eau de Parfum Spray
Awaken your senses with an energizing burst of sparkling citrus, vibrant black currant flower mixed with warm sandalwood. 1.7 fl. oz.
Item#: 027-067
Price: intro special $19.99
Will be $34.00
save $14.00

Avon Campaign 6, 2015

Currently Shopping: Campaign 6 (C-6) Brochure. Online until Tuesday 03/10/2015 midnight EST.

Avon Flyers: Outlet 6, Count The Ways to Save C5-6, Spring for Style C6-7, Spring for Beautiful Skin C6-7.

Meet mark. Magalog 3/2015. Style Survival. Stay-Cute Between-Season Fashion Tips. Products available only in C6 and C7, no backorders can be accepted.

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