Need some cash? Want your own purchases for FREE or at a discounted price?

Are You Looking for Ways to Earn Extra Money? Here is Why You Should Consider to Sell Avon.

Avon wants to offer a no-barrier earnings opportunity to women (and a few good men) to support themselves and their families. All it takes to become an Independent Sales Representative and launch your own beauty business is the nominal cost of a Starter Kit. There are two ways to earn money: by selling products and recruiting others. The higher your sales, the greater the percentage you will earn on those sales. If you sell and recruit, you can earn money based on your personal sales plus your recruits’ sales.

I’m looking for dedicated and motivated people interested in flexibility over their schedule and who want to be their own boss. Beginning in September, choose from the $25 Quick Starter Kit, $50 Advanced Starter Kit or $100 Premium Starter Kit (pictured on right). All three of these brand-new starter kits contain literature, products and other tools to begin your selling! You can choose to sell Avon as a full-time business or to supplement income from a full-time job, or for a set period of time to achieve a certain financial goal, such as college tuition, vacation funds or buying a new car. Or to simply enjoy great discounts on Avon products for yourself. Here’s the scoop on other facts to consider:

  • Your Avon earnings are between 20% & 50% and are based on your bi-weekly order size.
  • Avon gives you a website to drive traffic to your Avon eStore for online selling.
  • Avon never requires you to keep an inventory of products on hand, just order what’s need to fulfill your customer’s orders.
  • Use your Avon online web dashboard for ordering, tracking, and training as well as marketing tools for personalizing your website, creating emails and posting to your social media.
  • Avon’s incentive programs are built on product and cash bonuses as well as trips and awards. The change quarterly and more to keep you motivated.

To get started, complete the required fields and I will contact you shortly. Once appointment fees are paid, your starter kit will be shipped to you. Independent Sales Representatives across North America are in business for themselves but they are not by themselves. Avon and I will provide the mentoring, training and support to manage and grow their businesses.


Sincerely, Nancy Rago
AVON Leadership Bronze Ambassador and Team Mentor

AVON Certificate of Completion – Build Like A Boss Training & Sales Workshop
AVON President’s Club Member 2014, 2015, 2016, Honor Society 2017 & 2018
#13 in Northeast Region for Personal Sales Increase 2018
#1 in District Online Sales 2015, 2016, 2017
#1 in Division Online Sales 2015

P.S. Please watch this video about the AVON opportunity. Contact Me and I will share how I did it! I will be there every step of the way to help you succeed in your financial and personal goals!