Avon Incentives, Rewards, Recognition and Avon Trips!

Avon Incentives, Recognition and Awards

Would you like to earn $3,250 in your first 120 days?

New Representatives can start earning fast. Our Pathway to Premier incentive helps you earn up to $3,250 in your first 8 campaigns and get you to those Premier Level earnings super-fast with two new bonuses. We’re accelerating your pathway to Premier with 2 bonuses: Stepping Stones and Milestones.

Representative Commissions

Selling products to customers is at the heart of your business. Happy, satisfied customers who use our products are the foundation of a successful business. No matter how high up the success ladder you climb and no matter how large your organization becomes, everyone leads by example in the area of personal sales. When products are sold, you make money, team members make money, and everyone is inspired to continue growing their business. As your sales level increases, your commissions may increase.

Along the way, Avon continues to reward its reps based on their sales as well as building and growing to their team! Throughout the year, sales and recruiting incentives give you unlimited earnings potential to earn products & gifts, bonuses, and once-in-a-lifetime trips to incredible destinations. Avon incentive programs are great ways to build a sustainable business and gain financial independence.

Avon’s President’s Club

If you work your business, you can become a member of Avon’s elite group of top Representatives, called the President’s Club. The President’s Recognition Program (PRP) rewards members with higher commissions, an awards program and VIP privileges at company-sponsored events.

Avon Sales Leadership

The Avon Sales Leadership is about sharing the passion for Avon, inviting others to see how the Avon opportunity can work for them and starting to build a team. It is about taking the business you love to the next level. You are rewarded for sponsoring others as well as building a team. As your team grows you advance up the career plan. The program continues to evolve, providing you with unlimited earnings potential and unlimited financial freedom.

Avon Incentives, Recognition and AwardsI can show you the best practices for selling consistently, sponsoring others, and training & developing your team members. Whatever your goals, Avon has business training that offers you a variety of information that will be most helpful for you. Historically we know that reps who continue to grow, in sales and recruitment, build healthy businesses over time!

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Contact me if you have questions about getting started as a representative, recognized and rewarded today!

Sincerely, Nancy Rago
AVON Star Promoter Leader


9 thoughts on “Avon Incentives, Rewards, Recognition and Avon Trips!

  1. How do I, find how to use my Avon point’s ,I,been checking & can’t seem to find the information.Mary Ward

    • Log into your RepSuite and look under “Recognitions & Rewards” section. It’s the “Rewards Headquarters”. I just recently used mine to get an electric yard tool that I needed. Good luck!

    • Hi Janet, To see your points, log onto youravon.com account. I generally go to My Account > View Invoices, view the top dated invoice. Under Presidents Club Goal Tracking you can see Total Points Available. Happy Selling! Nancy

  2. Hi i registered my husband in avon nort edsa this feb… 2019… And this month i think i almost avail morethan 17k..so i just want to ask if have any incentives or rewards that we recieve from avon or none?..im work here in hongkong thats why my husband will manage ..

  3. Virginia, congratulation. I can only speak about Avon USA incentives. I use my dashboard to learn about and track my incentive performance. Good luck in your Avon business.

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