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I have been with Avon for just over ten years and based in New Jersey. I begun as an U.S. Independent Sales Representative in 2010 and after one-year selling I took the next step into Leadership sharing the Avon Opportunity. I recruited and signed up my first six team members in 2011! Today, I continue to be a Mentor to my Avon amazing team members with suggestions on how to get their Avon business off to the best possible start, as well as my tips on how to build a beauty business. My goal is to develop sales leaders and help them build their own teams. Personally, I started by selling to family and friends but now sell through my online social networks. I have built a profitable beauty business and a nationally ranked leader. I reached President’s Club selling level seven years in a row and was #31 Nationwide in Direct Delivery Sales Volume in 2020.

I can signup people from anywhere in the contiguous United States, there are no sales territories. If you would like to sell Avon, become an Independent Avon Representative and join my Passionately Avon Team…for a limited time, you can join Avon now with a $5 or $30 investment (Amazing, I Know!) at My Reference Code is nrago to be linked to my team.

  • Whether you’re looking to meet new people, try Avon products or build your own business, I’ll make it my mission to help you achieve it.
  • Open the door to a world of exciting and innovative products, exclusive discounts and endless opportunities
  • Earn bonuses, incentives, and dream trip destinations!
  • Your business is our business. I’ll get you off to a flying start with tons of training and support, with as much coaching and support needed.
  • You’ll be given access to online training with guides and tutorials to help get you started and build your business.
  • There are so many ways to sell Avon. Whether it’s online, through social media or with our brochures, you’ll find a way that’s right for you.
  • Fitting Avon around your lifestyle and spending as little or as much time as you like.

Next steps Apply Now > Use my Reference Code: nrago. Need more information? Call or text Nancy, the Avon Lady of NJ, at 973.714 .26 3 5. Email: nancy (at) avonladynj (dot) com.

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