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Kids Club: Spa PARTY and Happy BATH TIME!

Avon Campaign 8, 2014

Hello Kitty® Head Wrap
Long towel twists into a turban with button closure. Soft cotton terry with elastic trim. One size fits most. 35″ x 17″. Machine wash and dry. Imported.
Item#: 202-818
Price: $9.99

Hello Kitty® Spa Towel
Soft cotton terry wrap with hook-and-loop closure. 23″ L x 45″ H. One size fits most. Ages 6 and up. Machine wash and dry. Imported.
Item#: 202-750
Price: $19.99

Kids’ Loofah Bath Mitt
Plush terry bath mitts with a character and mesh loofah for good, clean fun! Each, 9 1/2″ H x 8″ W. Machine wash and dry. Ages 4 and up. Imported.
Dinosaur, Owl
Price: $6.99 each

Hooded Bath Towel
100% cotton terry towels are super-soft and super-fun. Each, 51″ L x 23″ W. Machine wash and dry. Ages 4 and up. Imported.
Dinosaur, Owl
Price: $17.99 each

new Blinky Buddies™ Slippers
Step-activated blinking lights. Plush cushioned soles for indoor use. Uses button-cell batteries (included). Ages 6 and up. Polyester. Imported.
Dinosaur, Owl
Sizes: S(11-12), M(13-1), L(2-3)
Price: $14.99 each pair

Avon Campaign 8, 2014

Match and Count Bath Tiles
Cute character shapes and colorful numbers adhere to walls when wet. Soft, nontoxic foam. Reusable mesh storage bag with suction cups. Tiles range from 3 1/2″ H to 7″ H. Bag, 6″ H x 8″ L. Ages 3 and up. Imported.
Item#: 918-222
Price: $12.99 23-piece set

Mesh Bath Storage
Toss toys in the basket to make clean-up fun. Mesh pocket for drip-drying. Secures to surfaces with 3 suction cups (included). 11″ diam. Polyester. Imported.
Item#: 743-628
Price: $9.99
while supplies last
Contents not included.

Floating Bath Blocks
Four colorful 2 1/4″ blocks float in water and feature numbers and Tiny Tillia friends. Polyester, foam. Imported.
Item#: 743-613
Price: $9.99 4-piece set
while supplies last

Tiny Tillia Bath Mitt
These 8 1/2″ x 9″ plush terry bath mitts are gentle on baby’s skin and fun for the imagination. Machine wash. Imported.
Trace Frog
Dilly Pig
Ben Giraffe
Duncan Dog
Chloe Mouse
Austin Elephant
Price: $4.99 each
while supplies last

Tiny Tillia Hooded Bath Towel
These fluffy 29″ x 29″ hooded towels are made of soft 100% cotton terry and feature Tiny Tillia pals. Machine wash. Imported.
Dilly Pig
Ben Giraffe
Trace Frog
TT Cow
Price: $15.99 each
while supplies last

Avon Campaign 08, 2014
Campaign 8 Brochure: Online until Tuesday 04/08/14 midnight EST.
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 Outlet 8C7-8 Savings Spree.
Meet Mark Magalog 4, Spring Beauty Fashion Special. The Hottest Not-to-Miss Looks.
 Products available only in C8 and C9, no backorders can be accepted.

Kids’ Club: 24-hour snuggle-a-thon

Avon Campaign 21, 2013
new Tiny Tilla 1-2-3 Blanket
Ultrasoft oversized (30″ W x 40″ L) blanket will keep baby cozy. Perfect for strollers and car seats or just cuddling up. Polyester fleece. Machine wash and dry. Imported.
Orange, Pink
Price: $14.99 each

new Tiny Tilla Animal Coverall
The cutest way to outfit your little critter for the cooler weather—or Halloween! Front zip closure. Elastic on ankles and wrists for comfy fit. Polyester fleece. Machine wash and dry. Imported.
Beto Zebra, Eddy Teddy
Sizes: 0-3M, 3-6M, 6-9M
Price: special $14.99 each
Will be $16.99

new Tiny Tilla 2-in-1 Huggable Blanket
Two blankie pals in one! This reversible huggie is TT Cow on one side and Rorsie Lion on the other. Just turn it inside out and presto, change-o! 12″ diam. Ages 2 and up. Polyester, faux fur. Spot clean. Imported.
Item#: 096-611
Price: $9.99
Avon Campaign 21, 2013

Currently shopping Campaign 21. Online until Tuesday 10/08/13 midnight EST.

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Avon Kids’ Club: C15 2013 Children and Tiny Tilla Products

Avon Kid's Club
a real hoot & oh, so cute!

Room Throw. Cozy, extra-large 50″ W x 60″ L blanket. Ages 6 and up. Polyester fleece. Machine wash. Imported. Price: $16.99

Figural Pillow. Pillow makes the owl-themed room complete. 14″ W x 15″ L. Ages 6 and up. Polyester. Imported. Price: $12.99

new Owl Alarm Clock. Wake up to cuteness! Features large, easy-to-read numbers and adds charm to the nightstand. 7″ H x 4 3/4″ W x 2 1/4″ D. Uses 1 AA battery. Ages 6 and up. Man-made materials. Imported. Item#: 543841. Price: $14.99

new Train Case. Boasts 2 trays that extend open to reveal large compartment underneath. Perfect for jewelry, notes and little treasures. Closed, 5 1/2″ H x 8″ L x 3″ D. Ages 6 and up. Paper, metal, man-made materials. Imported. Item#: 543708. Price: special $12.99. Will be $14.99

Contents not included.
Avon Kid's Club
tidy tots

new Tiny Tilla Nursery Closet Organizer. Time-and space-saving 4-compartment organizer hangs from closet rod and includes sticker sheet for personalizing with baby’s name. 33″ H x 11″ W x 11″ D. Polyester. Imported. Austin Elephant, Candy Poodle. Price: special $14.99 each. Will be $17.99

new Tiny Tilla Hamper. Decorative hamper folds down into a small square for easy storage. 21″ H x 13″ W x 13″ D. Polyester. Imported. Austin Elephant, Candy Poodle. Price: $9.99 each

new Tiny Tilla Diaper Cover and Kneepad Set. Thickly padded knees to protect little ones from hard floors and rough rugs. Includes matching diaper cover. Cotton. Machine wash. Imported. Indy Sheep, Duncan Dog. Price: $12.99 each set

new Tiny Tilla Diaper Caddy. With 3 compartments, this caddy has plenty of room for diapers, wipes, lotions and more. 11″ H x 8 3/4″ W x 11 1/2″ D. Polyester, cardboard. Imported. Item#: 543674. Price: $12.99

Contents not included.
Avon Kid's Club
toys & fun on the run

new Tiny Tilla Friends Car Seat Cover. Cute cover has elastic edge for a perfect fit on any car seat. 39″ L x 32″ W. Polyester. Machine wash. Imported. Item#: 061455. Price: $19.99. Car Seat not included.

new Tiny Tilla Travel Pillow. Designed to keep baby’s head from falling forward or rolling side to side. 15″ H x 9″ W. Ages 2 and up. Polyester. Spot clean. Imported. Item#: 061474. Price: $12.99

Tiny Tilla 6-in-1 Block Puzzle. Four soft and plush 3″ blocks come together to create 6 different images. That’s 6 puzzles in one! Polyester. Imported. Item#: 628521. Price: $12.99 the set

Tiny Tilla Tiny Tambourine. The perfect size for little hands, this plush 6″ diam. x 3″ H tambourine has a rattle inside. Polyester. Imported. Item#: 628517. Price: $9.99

Tiny Tilla Treasuring Photo Tote Bag. Oversized 12″ H x 15 1/2″ W x 4 1/2″ D brag bag features three exterior 2 1/2″ diam. photo inserts. Zips to close. Polyester. Imported. Item#: 515880. Price: $14.99 only $12.99

Tiny Tilla Hand Puppet Glove and Book. Glove with embroidered finger puppets has palm-sized booklet about animal sounds built in. 9 1/2″ H x 6″ W. Polyester glove, cardboard book. Imported. Item#: 629308. Price: $14.99 only $12.99
Avon Kid's Club
party in the backseat

Musical Air Drums. Who needs a drum? Just wave these drumsticks in the air to make one of these 3 different sound options:
• Drums
• Cymbals
• Music beat
Uses 4 AAA batteries (not included). Each, 12″ L. Ages 6 and up. Plastic. Imported. Item#: 899855. Price: $19.99 set of 2

Talking Friends Tom Cat. Our plush version of the popular Talking Friends Tom Cat app repeats what you say in his own silly voice. 11″ H x 5″ W. Uses 3 AAA batteries (not included). Man-made materials. Imported. Item#: 548638. Price: $29.99 only $24.99

Talking Tom and Talking Friends are trademarks of ©2010-2012 Out Fit 7 Limited. All rights reserved.

Aim and Roll Travel Game. Handheld version of the classic ball-rolling arcade game. 5″ diam. Uses 1 button-cell battery (included). Ages 8 and up. Man-made materials. Imported. Item#: 543985. Price: $14.99

new Backseat Organizer. For backseat toys and essentials. This 19″ D x 7″ H x 11″ W caddy secures to middle seatbelt with two loops. Polyester, cardboard, mesh, man-made materials. Imported. Item#: 543970. Price: $14.99

Contents not included.
Avon Kid's Club
Naturals Kids Detangling Spray. Each, 8.4 fl. oz. Magnificent Mango, Amazing Apple. Price: $5.00 special $3.99 each

Naturals Kids Magnificent Mango Lip Balm. Ages 3 and up. .18 oz. net wt. Item#: 779848. Price: $0.99 special $0.69

Naturals Kids Detangling Comb. Plastic comb with hanging fishtail hook. Ages 3 and up. 8 3/4″ L x 2 3/8″ W. Item#: 588235. Price: $5.00 special $3.99

Naturals Kids Body Wash & Bubble Bath. Tear-free and dermatologist-tested. Ages 3 and up. Each, 8.4 fl. oz.
Magnificent Mango
Bursting Berry
Cheery Cherry
Groovy Grape
Swirling Strawberry
Price: $5.00 special $3.99 each

Naturals Kids Body WashEach, 5 fl. oz.
Bursting Berry
Magnificent Mango
Outgoing Orange
Swirling Strawberry
Groovy Grape
Cheery Cherry
Price: $4.00 lowest price ever $1.99 each

create a masterpiece with bath paints. Naturals Kids Bath Time Body Paint. Roll over wet skin to make a design. Ages 3 and up. Each, 1.7 fl. oz.
Wacky Watermelon
Amazing Apple
Groovy Grape
Bonkers Banana
Bubble Gum
Crazy Coconut
Outgoing Orange
Cheery Cherry
Cotton Candy
Price: $1.99 lowest price ever $0.89 each

Avon Campaign 15, 2013

Currently shopping Campaign 15Online until Tuesday 07/16/13 midnight EST. Avon Flyers: Outlet 15-16C14-15 Big DealC15-16 Big Savemark. Magalog 7, ReMarkable Beauty Blast products available only in C14 and C15, no back orders can be accepted.

Keep it CLEAN, kids

Avon Kid's Club and Tiny Tillia

Tiny Tilla Oversized Bib. Smock-like 18 3/4″ L x 14 1/2″ W bib has a catchall pocket for stray crumbs. Great for mealtimes and arts and crafts. Hook-and-loop closure. Plastic, vinyl. Wipe clean. Imported. Item#: 976630. Price: $9.99

new Tiny Tilla. Suction Plate and Utensil Set. This mess-fighting 81/2″ diam. plate has stay-put suction cups on the bottom. Includes a matching spoon (5 1/4″ L x 1″ W). Man-made materials. Dishwasher-safe. Imported. Item#: 896067. Price: $9.99 2-piece set

while supplies last. Tiny Tilla Hanging Wall Storage. Cute 4-pocket wall organizer holds diapers, wipes and creams. Snap closures. 32″ L x 6″ W. Polyester, cardboard. Imported. Item#: 549266. Price: $14.99 $12.99. Contents not included.

Don’t Forget Father’s Day

Avon Campaign 12, 2013
Currently shopping Campaign 12
Online until Tuesday 06/04/13 midnight EST. Avon Flyers: Outlet 11-12, Outlet 12, C11-12 Dad’s Day, C11-12 ANEW, C12-13 Summer Treasures. mark. Magalog 6, Summer In Style products available only in C12 and C13, no backorders can be accepted.


Tiny Tillia has adorable spring outfits for girl that are perfect for Easter festivities.

FLOWER girls

new Tiny Tillia Joshy Chick Tutu. Baby-girl’s bodysuit gets all fancy with a tutu. Snap closure. Cotton. Machine wash. Imported. Sizes: 0-3M, 3-6M, 6-9M. Price: $9.99

Tiny Tillia Floral Dress with Bloomers. Charming 100% cotton dress, perfect for spring and summer. Comes with matching blue bloomers. Button closure on back. Machine wash. Imported. Sizes: (0-3M), (3-6M), (6-9M), (12M), (18M). Price: $16.99

Tiny Tillia Floral Dress. A full skirt and a fun, festive print make this 100% cotton dress the hit of the season. Button closure on back. Machine wash. Imported. Sizes: (2T), (3T), (4T) Price: $16.99

Tiny Tillia Pink Flower Flat. The season’s must-have baby and toddler shoe boasts easy on-off design, non-slip rubber sole and a comfortable fit. Man-made materials. Imported. Sizes: (5)-(10). Price: $12.99, Will be $14.99

new Cross Necklace with Angel Box. Elegant 14″ L cross necklace boasts faux pearl and comes in a display-quality angel-shaped box. Ages 6 and up. Lobster-claw clasp. Silvertone. Imported. Item#: 635-056. Price: $9.99

Cushion Walk® Lavender Ballet Flat. Metallic lavender with ruffle and white satin bow detail. Cushion Walk inset. Man-made materials. Imported. Sizes: (11)-(13), (1)-(3). Price: $16.99. Will be $19.99

Lace Print Dress. Elegant and ladylike, this lace print dress will have the compliments pouring in. Button closure on back. Cotton. Machine wash. Imported. Sizes: (6/6X), (7/8), (10/12). Price: $19.99, save $5.00. Will be $24.99

PAVÉ CIRCLE NECKLACE ONLY $4.99, with any $10.00 Brochure purchase, details back cover.

Find more great deals in the Tiny Tillia Storybook!

Currently shopping Campaign 6.
Online until Tuesday 03/12/13 midnight EST. Avon Flyers: Outlet 6, C5-6 Countdown to Savings, C6-7 Fashion Essentials,  C6-7 Ageless Beauty. Meet Mark Magalog 3 products available only in C6 and C7, no backorders can be accepted. Kids Club & Tiny Tillia C5-6: Tiny Tillia Storybook 1 products available in Campaigns 5 and 6, no backorders can be accepted.