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Do You Know Avon’s History and Founder David H. McConnell’s Story?

For over 130 years, Avon has stood for women. Join the original women’s empowerment network.

Avon’s Founder, David H. McConnell, offered women a rarity in 19th century America: a chance at financial independence. In 1886, it was practically unheard of for a woman to run her own business. Just 20% of all women in the United States were working outside the home, let alone climbing the ranks of any corporate ladder.

For many women, McConnell would radically alter that scenario. The man behind the company for women was the son of Irish immigrants and grew up on a farm. Yet, it was this young man from rural New York, visionary leader decades ahead of his time, who would become a pioneer in empowering women. McConnell, a bookseller-turned-perfume entrepreneur, would offer women the opportunity to create and manage their own businesses through what later became known as direct selling.

Origins of an Idea

In his travels as a book salesman, McConnell made two important discoveries. First, he quickly noticed that his female customers were far more interested in the free perfume samples he offered than they were in his books. He made these fragrances himself to serve as “door openers” when he traveled from home to home. Second, McConnell saw women struggling to make ends meet and recognized in many of them natural salespeople who would easily relate to other women and passionately market the products his new company would first sell — perfumes.

McConnell’s First Sales Representative

McConnell’s first recruit for Avon, then known as the California Perfume Company, was Mrs. P.F.E. Albee of New Hampshire. Not only did he provide Mrs. Albee and other early Representatives with an earnings opportunity when employment options for women were extremely limited, but he also fostered a supportive environment with a familial feel. (The company newsletter was even called the “Family Album.”) In one of his regular letters to Representatives, he wrote: “All success lies in one’s self and not in external conditions. … Misfortunes are only a discipline, and there are possibilities which often are awakened by them which suggest to us the power and strength we possess, that perhaps otherwise would never have been recognized.” No wonder the Representative ranks rose to 5,000 in just 13 short years.

Power of the Product and the People

To McConnell, the product and the people were everything to the company, and he dedicated himself to ensuring that both would be successful. In addition to inspiring the Representatives, McConnell also wanted to encourage the company’s employees with the same positive spirit.  A century before it would become de rigueur for companies to institute employee incentive programs and hire hordes of consultants to make sure employees were happy, motivated and productive, McConnell knew just how to rally the troops. The motivational leader created a set of guiding principles that are still the heart and spirit of Avon today. They include:

  • Providing an earnings opportunity so individuals can achieve financial independence and enjoy all that comes with such an accomplishment.
  • Recognizing everyone’s unique contributions.
  • Giving back to the communities Avon serves.
  • Offering the highest-quality products with a guarantee of satisfaction.
  • Maintaining and cherishing the “friendly spirit of Avon.”

McConnell believed strongly in the potential of people, and that in that potential lay the power of possibility and, eventually, success:

“If we stop and look over the past and then into the future, we can see that the possibilities are growing greater and greater every day; that we have scarcely begun to reach the proper results from the field we have before us.” ~ David H. McConnell, Avon’s Founder

I hope you enjoyed learning about the start of Avon’s long history of empowering women around the globe. The idea of women having a passion for Avon products and love of networking with other women should be your inspiration to build a business for yourself today.


For over 130 years, Avon has stood for women. Join the original women’s empowerment network. A side gig and all in, love the cash and freedom you’ll earn! Sign up today and become part of the Avon Lady of NJ’s Team.

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I Have a Surprise Gift For You if you’re selected to attend! You must be from the New York metropolitan area. I will reply back within 48-hours.


Sincerely, Nancy Rago
AVON Independent Sales Representative Since 2010
AVON Leadership Bronze Ambassador
AVON President’s Club Member, Honor Society Level

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Living the Boss Life never looked better, more beautiful, more fun or more possible! Not only are Avon Beauty Bosses rockin’ the Boss Life on ALMOST EVERY PAGE, but they are modeling the new Fall for Paris Fashion Collection with gotta-have-it style! You will love seeing the amazing Avon products and Avon opportunity come to real life!

Campaign 19 BrochureTHE REAL AVON. REAL PEOPLE. REAL DREAMS. REAL SUCCESS. THE REPRESENTATIVE EDITION. Campaign 19 (C19) Brochure online beginning Tuesday 08/21/2018 until Monday 09/03/2018 midnight EST.

Campaign 19 (C19) Brochure online beginning Tuesday 08/21/2018 until Monday 09/03/2018 midnight EST

We are the change makers, trailblazers, risk takers, trendsetters, influencers, supermoms, and trusted friends.


— This brochure is an Avon first, using exclusively Avon Representatives to model the latest fashion collection, the jewelry, the skincare and the makeup!
— It is inspiring and fantastic direct & social selling opportunity that clearly conveys what is possible by creating an Avon business.

For the first time ever, we’re celebrating 21 real Avon Representative. When you purchase from an Avon Representative, you’re not just buying a product. You’re supporting these women and men who continue to inspire us each day. They’re running their own businesses, spending more time with their families, building lifelong friendships and realizing lifelong dreams. They’re true full-time role models.

Campaign 19 (C19) Brochure online beginning Tuesday 08/21/2018 until Monday 09/03/2018 midnight EST

My Avon Story

profile-picture-squareI’ve always loved jewelry, cosmetics, and fashion. I have childhood memories of receiving gifts of Avon products from my godmother. I remember a classmates mother selling Avon to my mother. I began collecting the older, unique perfume bottles in the shape of an owl, a flower, the Eiffel Tower.

I continued to buy Avon into adulthood through a friends’ wife and a local woman. When they stopped selling, I decided to sign up for the discount and maybe even make a little extra money. Fast forward eight years and I have built a nice side-gig that yields additional income. I’m also leading a team of like-minded people that adds to this income. My success came with truly loving Avon products and the company. I enjoy helping others accomplish things they never thought possible.

Thank you for considering shopping Avon with me. My vision is to provide delightful and pleasing anti-aging skincare, fragrance, color cosmetics & fashion products. I believe beauty doesn’t have to be expensive! You can be your most incredible self without using a lot of your time or money. Avon is a well-known brand name and has quality products at affordable prices.

My vision is to offer an attractive and appealing direct & social selling opportunity to others interested in starting their own business. I know that with Avon, it is possible to balance running a small business while supporting a family and enjoying your life. You can make extra money and work from home. You set your own hours, days off and vacation time. And best of all, this job does not fire you. I believe that no matter what obstacle pops up in life, anyone can succeed as long as they are willing to work hard and never give up. Does this sound like something you want to do? Contact me and I’ll show you how I did it!

Register today and I’ll email you upcoming special offers, promotions and exclusive product information. In addition to the current Avon Campaign brochure, I can show you how to order from the previous two campaigns. The products and pricing in these older books are good as long as the product is still available. Avon Outlet products are always while supplies last. Let me show you how to get your products for free by hosting an Avon party. I can help your organization raise funds with Avon too!

I have customers and team members from over the United States as well as Morris, Sussex and Passaic County in Northern New Jersey. They ALL know that I’m only an email, call or text message away. Be sure to leave a voicemail message and I’ll get back to you within 48 hrs. CONNECT WITH ME if you want to become a sales representative, want to order products, have questions about a product, have a question about your order, would like a brochure or want me to tell you more about Avon.

Sincerely Nancy, the Avon Lady of NJ
Email: nancy (at) avonladynj (dot) com. Call/text me: 973.714 .26 3 5

AVON Independent Sales Representative Since 2010
AVON eRepresentative
AVON Beauty Advisor
AVON Beauty Certification – Skincare and Color
AVON Leadership Silver Ambassador
AVON President’s Club Member 2014, 2015, 2016, Honor Society 2017
#1 in District Online Sales 2015, 2016
#1 in Division Online Sales 2015

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Start with Avon for $10

Start with Avon for $10You’ll love the samples. You’ll love Avon for the opportunity. Hundreds of thousands of Avon Representatives hand out free samples and brochures to friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers every day. This summer, we’re making it easy to join the fun with a new Starter Kit for just $10!

$10 Share the Love Starter Kit – a $71 Value

  • 2 Best of Beauty Sampler Packs
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Receive up to $546 in Free Products and Tools


Avon is more fun with a friend and at only ten bucks, everyone will want to give it a try. Best of all, you earn 40% on everything you sell in your first 90 days when you hit your KickStart sales goals. You can do it! Here’s how:

1. Turn Contacts Into Connections

Make a list of everyone you know who wears either lipstick or deodorant. That’s everyone you know! You’ve got what they want at a price they’ll love. With service provided by you, a friend next door, rather than a big box store down the street. Be sure to include friends, family, co-workers, and moms from your kid’s school.

2. Offer Them a Great Deal

To help you get your business started, offer the Daily Care Collection with 7 full-size Avon favorites valued at over $65 for only $19.99! This incredible deal is available exclusively through you and only during your first 7 Campaigns – so text and share it with everyone you know before it’s too late.

3. Sample, Sample, Sample!

Everyone loves samples! Sharing samples is a great way to connect with your customers and introduce them to Avon and your new business. Follow up within 2 days to find out how much they loved the product and to ask them for an order!

4. Open Your Free Online Store

We all shop online, and your friends are no exception. It’s easy and free to set up an Avon store. Just go to YourAvon.com to customize your very own website. Your customers can start shopping with you right away. And every time they do – cha-ching!

Connect with 100s of customers with just one click!

5. Think of It as a 200 Page Business Card

Did you know that Avon brochures are one of the most widely known publications in the world? Just think what they can do for your business. Take them to work, hand them out to friends and carry them with you wherever you go. Add your name on the back and you’re in business!

6. Try It, Wear It, Sell It

Everyone loves a personal recommendation. Try and wear your products so you can share your favorites with your customers. The more Avon products you experience, the better prepared you’ll be to share them with your friends.

7. Give Avon Besties to Your Besties

This Best of Beauty Sampler Pack features 4 Avon favorites: Skin So Soft, Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Night Cream, Anew Power Serum, and True Color Lipstick. Give a pack to a friend and they’ll be an Avon lover for life.


Your new Share the Love Starter Kit is just the beginning. Want to earn more of everything you need to succeed? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.


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3RD CAMPAIGN – When the orders you submit from your first 3 Campaigns total $500, we’ll send you a free Premium Kit (a $400 value) with 50 samples, 20 brochures, and 20 full-size products.


Next Steps

I can signup people from anywhere in the contiguous United States.  If you would like to sell Avon, become an Independent Avon Representative and join my fantastic team, then please go to startavon.com and use my Reference Code: nrago so you’re linked to my team.

Apply Now > Use my Reference Code: nrago. 

Need More Information?

Call or text me at 973.714 .26 3 5. Email: nancy (at) avonladynj (dot) com.

Nancy, the AVON Lady of NJ

AVON Independent Sales Representative Since 2010
AVON eRepresentative
AVON Beauty Advisor
AVON Beauty Certification – Skincare and Color
AVON Leadership Silver Ambassador
AVON President’s Club Member 2014, 2015, 2016, Honor Society 2017
#1 in District Online Sales 2015, 2016
#1 in Division Online Sales 2015

Question: Where Do I Buy Avon Products? Answer: Here!

For some shoppers find buying Avon products is easy. They might have a family member or friend who is an Avon Lady or Avon Man. It’s simple and easy to purchase the products they need.

How about if you found an online website filled with all the Avon products you’ve been looking for?

The purpose of this post is to help anyone in the U.S. find the place where to buy Avon and mark. brand of products. If you’re in the contiguous United States and have some difficulty finding where to buy Avon products, let me introduce you to my world of Avon products sold at https://nrago.avonrepresentative.com/shop. Avon provides the best customer service, the best beauty & fashion products at the best prices and the Avon promise to make sure that you are completely and totally satisfied with your Avon products. In most cases, you can enjoy direct delivery right to your door 4-7 business days of ordering. And you can get FREE SHIPPING with any $40 order, anytime!* For all other orders, standard shipping is a flat rate of $6.95.

Would you like to be on my Email List?

Enter your email address, check for typos and submit once. You will receive news about introductory product launches, promotions, and online exclusive offers.


*United States Addresses Only. I will never give your email away. Read My Privacy Statement.

The answer to the question “Where Do I Buy Avon Products?”

On my Avon website, located at https://nrago.avonrepresentative.com/shop, you will find unique and original content written by Avon about Avon’s original and unique products. This provides those interested in purchasing Avon the product information, info about who they are doing business with, and why they should do this.  The personal touch is missing in commerce today. The customer support that I can provide you is unique. I am an Avon Representative, a business owner been trained in skin care, makeup and other Avon product knowledge. I have built a ultra-successful skin care and beauty supply business. In today’s fast-paced world, I want to give you the type of customer service you deserve.

Have you considered trying to earn a living from selling Avon?

The Avon name is known all over the world. I love Avon and want to spread the news about the Avon Opportunity. I have been with Avon for just over eight years based in New Jersey. I started out as a U.S. Independent Sales Representative and then took the next step into Leadership sharing the Avon Opportunity, signing up team members throughout the contiguous United States and developing them into leaders. I mentor my team with the information and suggestions to get their business off to the best possible start. I started by selling to family and friends but now sell through my online social networks. I have built a profitable beauty business. I reached President’s Club selling level four years in a row and last two years I was the top online seller in my district. If you would like to sell Avon, become an Independent Avon Representative and join my fantastic team, then please go to startavon.com and use my Reference Code: nrago so you’re linked to my team.

Potential purchasers of can browse, learn and find the perfect Avon beauty and personal care products at the best prices at https://nrago.avonrepresentative.com/shop. Know that you are doing business with the best beauty company with the best-trained representative you can find!

So whatever any type of Avon products you need — including skin care, cosmetics, makeup, jewelry, fashion, home decor, and candles — https://nrago.avonrepresentative.com/shop is the e-commerce website listed and a wonderful location to go to when you asked the question “Where Do I Buy Avon Products?”

Contact me today, if you want to become a Representative, order products, have questions about a product, have a question about your order, would like a brochure, or tell you more about Avon.

Happy Shopping!

Sincerely Nancy, the Avon Lady of NJ

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*Free Standard Shipping is valid in the 48 contiguous United States on purchases of $40 or more, or $6.95 flat rate for purchases under $40. No coupon code is required. Additional surcharges will be applied to orders going to Alaska and Hawaii. Eligible customers must select the Standard Shipping option during checkout in order to receive free shipping. Offer cannot be applied to expedited shipping methods. Taxes do not qualify toward the minimum purchase requirement. Offer is non-transferable and subject to change without notice.

What’s Your WHY To Start Your Own Beauty Business?

We all have a WHY to start something great. Women joining Avon each have a unique reason for becoming an Avon Representative. Theresa was miserable at her job. So she put all her energy into an Avon business and in less than two years she was able to quit her old job and now she loves what she does. Theresa has been an Avon Representative for 20 years and her freedom is her reason “why”.

We all have a WHY. Make yours happen today with Avon. Read below and then complete the form to start today.

Avon rewards and recognizes you along the way as you build your sales and build a team. Here is how Avon celebrates your success!

  • Earn guaranteed 40% (through sales in person or your free online store) in their first six (6) Campaigns if you achieve the sales goals. New Representatives can start earning fast and earn bonuses when their friends join too!
  • Join the President’s Recognition Program (PRP). (This is My Fourth Consecutive Year!) If you work your business, you can become a member of Avon’s elite group of top Representatives, called the President’s Club.
  • Receive an invitation to your local annual PRP Tribute luncheon. (The celebration of my success is 05/15/2018 at The Venetian in Garfield, NJ! This year I reached Honor Society Selling Level and I can bring a guest for free too.)
  • Have the opportunity to order demos prior to campaign introduction. The exclusive What’s New Brochures is a valuable representative-only sales tool filled with selling tips, product information, and stock-up discounts!
  • Get recognized with Incentive Awards (All-expenses-paid trips like Destination 2019: Maui!) and Reward Points (Redeem for gifts like Dream Vacations, Home Entertainment, Electronics, Dining with Friends, Shopping, Home Appliances & more!).

profile-picture-squareAvon believes that an empowered woman, like you, is a beautiful woman. I want to make the world around me more beautiful for everyone. I want to show other women how to run a successful beauty business and inspire them to earn the extra money they desire. I look for people with entrepreneurial drive and are self-motivated.

I can signup people from anywhere in the contiguous United States.  If you would like to sell Avon, become an Independent Avon Representative and join my fantastic team, your next step is to Apply Now! Use my Reference Code: nrago so you’re linked to my team. If you need more information, call or text me at 973.714 .26 3 5. Email me nancy (at) avonladynj (dot) com

Sincerely Nancy, the Avon Lady of NJ

AVON Independent Sales Representative Since 2010
AVON eRepresentative
AVON Beauty Advisor
AVON Beauty Certification – Skincare and Color
AVON Leadership Silver Ambassador
AVON President’s Club Member 2014, 2015, 2016, Honor Society 2017
#1 in District Online Sales 2015, 2016
#1 in Division Online Sales 2015

This is Boss Life | Avon

Live the boss life, earn up to 40% of what you sell. When you join Avon as a Representative you can work when you want, where you want and how you want.

At Avon, we believe that there is nothing more beautiful than succeeding on your own terms. When you boldly take control of your future, seize your financial independence, make your own hours, and become a fierce, powerful force to be reckoned with, you are living the boss life.

When you sign up to sell Avon, you have the potential to earn extra income, gain recognition, and even win awards and trips. You can run your Avon business online working from home or on the phone, face-to-face or on Facebook, part time, full time, anytime. It’s time to kiss that cubicle goodbye and say hello to your future as a successful entrepreneur!

Let me share my story. I’ve been a successful small business owner for 25+ years but was looking for a new opportunity to earn extra money. I chose Avon because it’s a company with a well-known name and I’ve been using Avon products since I was a teenager. I’m celebrating my eighth year anniversary selling Avon! I started by selling to family and friends but now sell through my online social networks. I have built a profitable beauty business. I reached President’s Club selling level four years in a row and Honor Society for the first time this year. I was also the top online seller in my district last two years.

I’d love to tell you more! I can show you how to supplement your income or enjoy discounts on your own Avon purchases.  I’m looking for dedicated and motivated people interested in making money. Avon offers an earning potential competitive to other direct selling companies. I can answer your questions and concerns as well as give you everything you need to start your own work from home business! If you are interested in selling Avon’s world-class beauty products, contact me and I will show how to become an Avon Representative today! You can also begin your own Avon business, starting at just $25, and have what you need to begin selling within minutes.

To join Avon as a Representative and become a Beauty Boss, go to http://nrago.avonrepresentative.com/opportunity/start and complete the form. Don’t forget to input my Reference Code “nrago” so you are linked to my team and I can coach you as you begin your Avon business. Avon’s current incentive program gives you 40% commission on all sales, online and offline, in your first 90 days. I can also show you ways to earn more than $1000 in those 90 days!

Sincerely, Nancy Rago, Beauty Boss

AVON Independent Sales Representative Since 2010
AVON eRepresentative

AVON Beauty Advisor
AVON Beauty Certification – Skin care and Color
AVON Leadership Star Promoter

AVON President’s Club Member 2014, 2015, 2016, Honor Society 2017
#1 in District Online Sales 2015, 2016
#1 in Division Online Sales 2015