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    Tips for Coloring Blonde, Brunette, Red and Gray Hair

    Advance Techniques Professional Hair Color is available in 25 rich and radiant, healthy-looking shades, including BlondesRedsBrunettes and Blacks.

    Whether you’re looking for perfect gray coverage, a noticeable color change, or simply to enhance your natural color, there’s one just right for you!

    Tips for Coloring Blonde Hair:

    • Gold tones add warmth to hair, while ash tones are cooler. When coloring hair, and sometimes when you are going lighter, residual warm color can be left in the hair. This is what some people may refer to as “brassy”. If you want to avoid any warmth, use an ash (.1) tone/reflect color.
    • If your natural level tends to be darker, that is, level 5-6, select a neutral or ashy blonde shade, to counteract underlying warmth when lightening.
    • If your hair is mostly gray, or naturally a level 7-9, selecting a neutral or gold tone is your best option.
    • When in doubt, select a neutral shade. The next time you color you can decide to move into a stronger tone.

    IMPORTANT: Moving from a darker hair color, which is naturally level 2-4, to a blonde level of 7-12 is best achieved at your salon. Because hair color is not designed to lift more than 2-3 levels, if you try to color your naturally dark level (1-4) at home with a level (8-12) hair color, the result may be orange or bright yellow hair. Always follow the color guidelines.

    Tips for Coloring Brunette Hair:

    • Brunette colors may seem pretty straightforward to achieve, but they can be the trickiest due to their many nuances.
    • One common problem is red or brassy results. If you are coloring two shades lighter, and the result is more gold or red than you like, the next time you color, use an ash (.1 ) to offset any warmth that resulted from the lightening process.

    Tips for Coloring Red Hair:

    • If you are not a natural red head and want to color your hair red, it is best to start conservatively. Choose a red shade that’s closer to your natural color.
    • When selecting a red shade, choose a copper or golden red if you have a lot of white in your hair. Darker burgundy or wine reds may appear pinkish on white hair.
    • A typical problem for coloring hair red is “hot” or bright roots, while the ends turn dull and brown. The brighter roots are generally the result of body heat, which distorts the end result, or from a higher concentration of gray hair. Consider applying the color to the lengths and ends first, followed by the root application. This is more difficult, but will help prevent hot roots. Or seek advice from a salon professional.

    Tips for Coloring Gray Hair:

    For consumers with a high percentage of Gray (50% or more):

    • For the consumer who’s primary goal is gray coverage, neutral tones will provide the greatest payoff from a gray coverage perspective (not making it drab or pulling too much warmth) The Advance Techniques neutral palette (shades with a tone of .0) are well rounded shades that provide a natural look to the hair.
    • For those consumers who truly desire warm, gold tones, use a shade with a .3 tone. Women with high percentages of stubborn gray will achieve excellent gray coverage, however the overall coverage may be slightly more translucent than with a neutral (.0) palette.
    • The red palette for Advance Techniques hair color (.6-Red, .5-Mahogany, and .4-Copper) is true to tone and provides vibrant, intense color. These shades have more of the tone color (i.e. more true red) than the base level color (i.e. dark/blonde or light brown).
    • When used on hair that is more than 50% gray, the tone becomes more apparent, because it is being placed on a light background as opposed to a natural color. As a result the red shades may look brighter and redder than they would on a darker base.
    • These shades are best suited for consumers who are currently in this shade family and are not recommended for first time color users or women who are looking for a more “natural looking” color. This is not for the brunette or blonde consumer who is looking to add a “hint” of red.
    • Some people experience “stubborn” grays, particularly at the hairline, which just don’t seem to take the color well. If you have stubborn grays, it is always best to start your application there. When you are finished applying color, go back and reapply the color to those areas. Be sure and leave color on for a full 35 minutes. Make sure you don’t have any waxes or gels in your hair especially at the hairline.
    • For resistant gray hair, consider the natural shades that have a tone of .0, as they have the most gray covering power.

    TIP: Use the Avon Brochure to see all the colors available for you.

    Contact me today for more information about Advance Techniques Hair Color !

    General Tips for Coloring Hair with Advance Techniques


    Anyone can use Advance Techniques Professional Hair Color! The products are designed to be used on all hair types.

    If hair has existing permanent color:

    • You cannot lighten your hair to a lighter shade. Hair color will not lighten another hair color. It can only lighten natural hair.
    • If you have highlights in your hair, they will no longer be visible once you color your hair.

    Evenness of color:

    • If your roots tend to come out lighter than your ends, this may be indicative that you have color buildup on the ends of your hair:
      • This occurs because new color will quickly lift out the natural color on your roots, but it won’t lift out the old, darker, color on the ends (color does not lift or lighten color).
      • The Advance Techniques Pre-Treatment will help to avoid this problem by evening color absorption along the strand.
      • Or, try re-coloring your roots only with the same or a darker color, so the roots and ends match.
      • If you want to be dramatically lighter, consider visiting a salon to have the old color professionally removed or trim away the darker ends.
    • If your roots are darker than your ends:
      • Pull your color through your ends to refresh your color.


    If you are deciding between two shades when coloring your hair and you are not sure which shade to use, it is always better to err on the lighter side. You can always go darker if you wish, but going lighter will not be an easy option.

    Finished results:

    • Your finished results will always be a combination of your natural hair color and the shade you select, so one shade will not look exactly the same on everyone.
    • If you have 50%, or more, gray, your color results will appear somewhat lighter.
    • Rinse freshly colored hair with lukewarm/cool water, and always use the Color Protection Lock-in Treatment to ensure color vibrancy.

    TIP: Use the Avon Brochure to see all the colors available for you.

    TIPS FOR COLORING DIFFERENT HAIR COLORS NEXT MONTH or contact me today for more information about Advance Techniques Hair Color !

    Tips and Techniques for Selecting the Right Shade Hair Color


    Achieving just the right shade of hair color can seem difficult, but with a few tricks up your sleeve, you can get the rich, beautiful color you want. Advance Techniques Permanent Creme Color is available in 25 rich and radiant, healthy-looking shades, including Blondes, Reds, Brunettes and Blacks.

    Whether you’re looking for perfect gray coverage, a noticeable color change, or simply to enhance your natural color, there’s one just right for you!

    Color selection is easy with Advance Techniques Permanent Hair Color. It is based on the same simple numbering system professional hair colorists use.

    1. Identify your current color: To select the ideal shade, you first need to identify the current natural/uncolored hair color level by comparing your (or your Customer’s) hair to the swatches on the swatch chart. Find the swatch that most closely matches your hair’s color in lightness or darkness — this is your current hair color level.

    TIP: If hair is currently colored, closely examine the roots for hair’s natural level and the lengths for the current colored shade. If hair on the lengths is darker than the root, then you should match the lengths for level. If hair on lengths is lighter than the roots, then you can go up 2-3 levels lighter than your roots, but NOT lighter than the lengths that were previously colored with permanent color.

    QUICK FACT: LEVEL means the overall lightness or darkness of hair. Hair color is divided into 12 different levels with 1 being the darkest black and 12 being the lightest blonde.

    2. Identify your desired color level: Now that you’ve identified the swatch that most closely matches your current color, you need to decide what level you want to achieve with Advance Techniques Permanent Hair Color. You may choose to color your hair with any shade that is up to 2 levels darker, 2-3 levels lighter or the same level as your current color.

    – Shades 7 and up will lighten up to 3 levels.
    – Shades 6 and below will lighten up to 2 levels.

    TIP: Be sure you stay within two levels darker or 2-3 levels lighter than your natural level. For more extreme changes, you should seek out the advice of a professional. The number before the decimal point on the Advance Techniques Hair Color system package indicates the level of the creme color inside.

    QUICK FACT: If hair has existing permanent color you cannot lighten your hair to a lighter shade. Hair color will not lighten another hair color. It can only lighten natural hair.

    3. Decide on your desired tone: Once you’ve determined your desired level, decide the tone (or Reflect) you want to achieve. Do you want your color to take on tones of gold, copper, red, mahogany, chocolate or be more neutral. Tone is what gives “character” to your color.

    The number after the decimal point on the Advance Techniques Hair Color system is the Tone.

    QUICK FACT: TONE (also called Reflect) adds character to your hair color. Tone can give hair hints of warmth (gold/red) or coolness (ash).

    QUICK FACT: Sometimes a shade combines 2 tones; if there are 2 numbers after the decimal point the first one is the stronger or more dominant, and the second one is slightly noticeable.

    Tones Available:
    .0 Neutral or Natural, without any obvious tone
    .1 Ash (a cool tone) — this helps to minimize any unwanted reddish or gold tones when lightening
    .3 Golden (a warm tone) gold tones
    .4 Copper (a rich, warm tone like a natural red-head)
    .5 Mahogany (a cool red tone)
    .6 Reddish (luxurious red)
    .7 Chocolate (a rich brown tone with balanced warmth).

    4. Select your ideal Advance Techniques Professional Hair Color: Now that you know the level you need (on a scale of 1-12) and the tone you want, pick the Advance Techniques Hair Color System with the number that matches. This is your ideal shade!

    TIP: Use the Avon Brochure to see all the colors available for you.

    MORE HAIR COLOR TIPS NEXT MONTH or contact me today for more information about Advance Techniques Hair Color !

    Advance Techniques Professional Hair Color: Behind the Scenes with Fergie

    Go behind the scenes with Fergie on the set for the ADVANCE TECHNIQUES Professional Hair Color photo shoot.

    “Permanent hair color for rich, healthy-looking, lasting radiance … and 100% gray coverage. Advance Techniques Professional Hair Color “performs brilliantly.”
    ~Fergie, Award-winning artist and lead singer of the Black Eyed Peas

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    Sincerely Nancy, the AVON Lady of NJ

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    Looking for a way to make your hair color last longer?

    Watch this video and discover the benefits of Avon’s Advance Techniques Color Protection Collection helps nourish, protect and extend the life of your hair color.


    ADVANCE TECHNIQUES Color Protection Lock-In Treatment.

    Item # 883348. Color lasts up to 6X longer!* Exclusive Color Shield Technology helps lock in color. Leave-in treatment helps retain color and delivers anti-fade protection due to wash-out. 5 fl. oz.

    *When used with ADVANCE TECHNIQUES Color Protection Shampoo vs. ordinary shampoo alone. Individual results may vary.