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Perfume Composition for Women

Fragrances can have notes from several family

The fragrance industry groups fragrances into categories called families, according to the ingredients and target. Avon Fragrances are categorized BY NOTES – Fresh & Sweet, Fresh & Vibrant, Fresh & Clean, Warm & Dreamy, Warm & Indulgent, as well as Warm & Exotic. Fragrance goes through three main stages, in which its intensity changes and different elements of its composition emerge. The stages of a fragrances are called top, middle and base notes.
  • TOP: The top note is the first impression of a fragrance. And because of this, top notes are very important in the selling of a fragrance. Top Notes get your attention right away, make an impression. They are strong, but evaporate quickly. Common top notes: citrus, fruity notes, and green notes.
  • MIDDLE: As top notes gradually fade away, a fragrance intensifies and becomes richer as the middle notes become apparent. Middles Notes appear 10-20 minutes after application and form the heart or body of a fragrance. They give a fragrance its overall character. Common middle notes: florals and spices.
  • BASE: The base notes give the fragrance its foundation and lastingness, or what fragrance developers call tenacity. Base Notes are noticeable 15 minutes after application and the final scent to emerge from a fragrance. They bring depth and solidness as a fragrance fades. Common base notes: woods, musks, amber and vanilla.


From a fresh and sweet perfume to a warm and exotic perfume, the best perfume for women is undoubtedly the one that inspires authenticity, confidence and grace. If sifting through scents sounds daunting, we’ve helped to expedite the search for your signature scent. Our most popular perfumes are sorted by fragrance notes so that you can seamlessly find the perfect eau de parfum or eau de toilette.

Fresh & Sweet Fragrance Category

Fresh & Sweet Fragrance Category

Fruity scents with bright, sparkling and crisp notes. 

  • Avon Flourish Honey Blossom Eau de Parfum. Sparkling apple blossom opens to a full heart of sweet honeysuckle nectar and finishes with the soft notes of airy vanilla orchid. NOTES — Top: Sparkling apple blossom, Middle: Sweet honeysuckle nectar, Base: Airy vanilla orchid.
  • Far Away Infinity Eau de Parfum. NOTES — Top: Radiant bergamot, Middle: Jasmine sambac, Bottom: Sandalwood.
  • Avon Stories Something Amazing Eau de Toilette. NOTES — Top: Pomelo – opens with a juicy splash, Middle: Honeysuckle – the driving spirit of the fragrance, Base: Blonde cedar – a soft, but exciting finish.

Fresh & Vibrant Fragrance Category

Fresh & Vibrant Fragrance Category

Fruity floral scents with exciting, lush and liberating notes.

Fresh & Clean Fragrance Category

Fresh & Clean Fragrance Category

Fresh floral scents with dewy, elegant and pure notes.

Warm & Dreamy Fragrance Category

Warm & Dreamy Fragrance Category

Warm floral scents with flowing, silky and romantic notes.

Warm & Indulgent Fragrance Category

Warm & Indulgent Fragrance Category

Warm scents with decadent, sensual and smooth notes.

Warm & Exotic Fragrance Category

Warm & Exotic Fragrance Category

Warm scents with enticing, emboldening and sophisticated notes.

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If you’re looking for a new fragrance, shop our collection of the best fragrances for women at Avon. With fresh, oriental, woody, and floral options, you’ll easily find a scent that works with your individual style. Avon’s selection of the top fragrances for women contains a huge variety of products, from sprays and powders to gels and lotions. For some scents, you can even choose several different types of products that each feature the same combination of notes. When your best friend compliments you on your beautiful fragrance, why not surprise her with her own set as a birthday present. And while you’re at it, pick up a set for your mom or sister.
Fragrance layering: When more is … MORE!
Do you know that the way to long-lasting scent lies in layering? You’ll want to buy all forms of your favorite fragrance!
Don’t forget: Fragrance sets are a fabulous way to get the layering concept. It’s all right there.
Here are some Tips, Tricks and Tools to help you find the fragrances you’ll love.
  • Fragrance is personal, so start by asking yourself what types of scents you prefer for different occasions and moods. Use the Fragrance Selector Card to determine the scent categories you like best. Blooming Floral, Seductive Oriental, Warm Woody, Pure Fresh or Lush Green?
  • If you want to experience one of Avon’s top fragrances, contact me for a sample. There’s something for every mood and occasion.
  • Don’t forget about your man. Page 2 of the Fragrance Selector Card and describe which scents you might love on him … maybe pick two fragrances: one for daytime and one for evening and special events.
  • Avon’s best-sellers like Imari and celebrity scents from Fergie and Derek Jeter are can’t-miss for gifts.

Quick Tips

Like that? Love this!

Suppose you have a favorite fragrance already — but it’s not Avon. Let me know what the scents name, or the fragrance families you like, let me suggest an Avon alternative. For example:

  • She wants: Lancôme Trésor, Flower by Kenzo. Avon fragrance for her: STEP INTO SEXY olfactive note of oriental/floral.
  • He wants: Obsession. Avon fragrance for him: Mesmerize olfactive note of oriental scent.
  • She wants: Givenchy Amarige. Avon fragrance for her: Rare Gold olfactive note of floral amber.
  • He wants: Polo Explorer. Avon fragrance for him: Ironman olfactive note of woody floral.

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