Hold an online event for your cause. It’s easy and I can help!

Does Your School, Club or Organization Need to Raise Money?

And you don’t need to sort, collect monies or make deliveries. Here’s how to have an online event!

I put together the tools you need to run a successful online event including my online store of Avon products and a goal tracker to track your fund raising goals.

I put together an Avon branded e-mail for YOU to forward to your list of supporters. You don’t need to share the list of family, friends and supporters so their privacy is protected. Event supporters can be from around the Contiguous United States and AVON ships their orders directly to their home.

I can assist you in the different ways to promote your event like e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Online events can be open for days or week periods. You can choose how long or brief the event runs. Supporters are encouraged to forward the e-mail to additional family and friends to help grow the event virally! As long as event’s name is inputed at checkout, your event will get credit.

At the end of the online event, a check is sent to your organization based on a percentage of the sales totals. Contact Me and indicate your interest in an online event. I will answer any additional questions as well as finalize your details.