An Online Fundraiser for Your Cause is Easy and I Can Help!

Does Your School, Club or Organization Need to Raise Money?

If you are a PTA/PTO President, Fundraiser Chairperson or in charge of a school group like the band, cheerleaders, sports teams, drama clubs — I have a new way to go bigger, easier with your fundraising event. Through a unique URL link credited for the event, supporters shop my full assortment of Avon products and the organization will get up to 45% profit* of what’s shopped! Here are a few benefits of holding an online event:

  • An easy way for your participants to share and sell Avon’s quality products to family, friends, and acquaintances.
  • No need to sort, collect monies or make deliveries — supporters shop through your customized URL link and Avon provides delivery directly to patrons.
  • Get an Avon fundraiser tailored to your needs and goals where you choose the start and end dates and up to a 45% profit*. At the end of the online event, a check is sent to your organization based on a percentage of the sales totals.

Hi, my name is Nancy Rago and I am an Avon fundraising specialist. If you are in charge of fundraising at your organization, I’d like to share the benefits of partnering with Avon, the earnings potential and the basics of how an online fundraiser works. I put together the tools you need to run a successful event including your unique URL link to shop & share Avon products and track your fundraising results. I provide advice, support, and access to quality Avon products to help maximize your success.

I can put together an Avon branded email for YOU to forward to your list of supporters. You don’t need to share the list of family, friends, and supporters so their privacy is protected. Event supporters can be from around the Contiguous United States and Avon ships their orders directly to their home. I can assist with different ways to promote your event on social media. To help grow the event virally, I can provide Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts to encourage forwarding and sharing!

As your Avon fundraising specialist, I will support and assist you throughout the process! I will answer any additional questions as well as finalize your details. If you are involved in fundraising and would like to contact me directly, my phone number is 973.714 .26 3 5.

Complete the below form and I’ll be in touch within 48hrs.

Thank you for considering me to help with your avon-fundraising

* If 20 participants each have 10 customers with customer orders over $15 each, your total order of $3000 will yield a profit of $1,350. The percentage can vary depending on the product category purchased and fundraising material needed. Most Beauty & Jewelry products are in the 45% category but some Fashion & Home Products will be lower.