BEFORE Becoming an Avon Sales Rep, Here Are Some Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of selling Avon

Before you sign up to become an Avon Independent Sales Representative, here are some advantages and disadvantages of the Avon Opportunity. If you carefully consider this decision, it will be made sensibly and you should be more committed to your new business. Like many “work from home” jobs, Avon is a performance-based opportunity where the smarter and harder you work the more money you can earn.

Here are the Pros and Cons

  • Pro  Avon has a variable rate commission where the more you sell, the more you make. You earn an increased commission the more each Avon Campaign Brochure. The below Avon Earnings Chart is a variable commission on beauty and jewelry products. You earn 20% fixed earnings on fashion, home products and those with four diamonds in front of its description.
    • $0 – $149.99: 20%
    • $150 – $299.99: 30%
    • $300 – $499.99: 35%
    • $500+: 40%
  • Pro  Avon has one of the lowest start-up cost of the other home businesses. Avon Read more here > Cash In On Your Passion.
  • Pro  It’s fun, it is flexible and you meet great people. With Avon, you can make lifetime friends, get the opportunity to earn luxurious vacations, and climb your way to the top of the payscale in sales and leadership to bring home a 6-figure income! Learn About Avon’s Incentives, Rewards, Recognition, and Avon Trips.
  • Con  You have to work to earn good money selling Avon but if you work hard you can do it! You need to work your business every day by following up with customers whether it is online through social media/email or offline by handing out books. ALL direct selling companies require time, dedication, and investment to be successful. To be a successful Avon Representative you have to want it and work hard at it right from the start. The biggest reason people fail is they don’t want to put the work in. Read About Joining My Team.
  • Con  You may run into some competition because there are no territories. So depending on where you live, there could be other local Avon Representatives. But one the positive side, there is as much or as little territory as you want because Avon Representatives are always needed to fulfill customer needsFamiliarize Yourself On The Different Positions Available.
  • Con – Remember, your Avon career and business is just like life, there WILL be ups and downs. And your biggest opponent isn’t the “other guy”, it’s who you see in the mirror. My advice to my team is self-confident, stay true to yourself, be self-motivated, compete against yourself not against others, rank yourself solely against your own performance, place to be better today than yesterday and be committed to growing your business. Join My Team for More Business Advice.

About Me and My Avon Story

profile-picture-squareI’ve always loved jewelry, cosmetics, and fashion. I have childhood memories of receiving gifts from my godmother of Avon products. I remember a classmates mother selling Avon to mine. I began collecting the older, unique perfume bottles in the shape of an owl, a flower, the Eiffel Tower.

I continued to buy Avon into adulthood through a friends’ wife and a local woman. When they stopped selling, I decided to sign up for the discount and maybe even make a little extra money. Fast forward nine years and I have built a nice side-gig that yields additional income. I’m also leading a team of like-minded people that adds to this income. My success came with truly loving Avon products and the company. I enjoy helping others accomplish things they never thought possible.

Sign Up and Begin Selling Avon Today!

Whether it’s a side gig or you’re all in, you’ll love the cash and freedom you’ll earn! And signing up is as easy as 1-2-3! I can signup people from anywhere in the contiguous United States. To begin selling as an Independent Avon Representative, follow these steps to join my fantastic team:

  1. Go to
  2. Don’t forget to use my Reference Code: nrago so you’re linked to my team.
  3. You will be emailed instruction on how to access your new online Avon representative account. While you are waiting for your “starter kit” or gift to arrive, you can set up your own personalized online store to promote and sell through right away!

If you have questions when filling it out, please do not hesitate to Contact Me!

Sincerely, Nancy Rago
An AVON Leadership Bronze Ambassador and Team Mentor
AVON President’s Club Member 2014, 2015, 2016, Honor Society 2017 & 2018
#13 in Northeast Region for Personal Sales Increase 2018
#1 in District Online Sales 2015, 2016, 2017
#1 in Division Online Sales 2015

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