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Sell Avon, the Avon Opportunity

Why Sell Avon?

Avon is the world’s largest direct seller. Being an Avon Representative means you’re selling an iconic global brand while running your own local business. With Avon, you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. Avon in America, as well as me a team leader, provide mentoring, training and support every step of the way. And it only costs $30* to start your own AVON business in the United States!

Powerful Brand
Avon has a presence in more than 50 markets across the globe. It is a brand known around the world, with two out of five women purchasing an Avon product in the last year. And that’s not all:

  • Globally, Avon Representatives sell four lipsticks every second.
  • Avon has 90% brand recognition in most major markets.
  • More beauty products carry the Avon name than any other brand in the world.

As an Avon Representative, you’ll have the chance to sell award-winning products from Avon’s world-class R&D team. You’ll have the opportunity to offer customers a broad range of products that appeal to a diverse consumer base.

Compelling Earnings Opportunity
You can earn money two ways: by simply selling products or, through the Sales Leadership program, by selling products while recruiting others at the same time. The higher your campaign (selling cycle) sales are, the greater the percentage you’ll earn on those sales. Sales Leaders, Representatives who both sell and recruit, earn money based on their personal sales plus their recruits’ sales, with a similar progressive earnings structure applied.

Leading Technology
Avon is innovating the direct-selling industry, enabling Representatives to run their businesses and maximize their earnings as never before. The company leverages the most advanced digital tools – the Internet, social media and mobile technology –  so your Avon business integrates seamlessly with the way people today connect, communicate, share and shop. This innovation enhances your experience as a Representative and your customer’s experience shopping with you. Avon’s direct-selling innovations include:

  • Customized social media environments for Representatives to reach customers and other Representatives.
  • A personalized eBrochure widget to ensure that customers are never more than a few clicks away from ordering, sharing the eBrochure with friends and creating a viral sensation.
  • Online training and sales tools.
  • A new application for Sales Leadership Representatives to more effectively monitor their Representatives’ orders.
  • “Intelligent ordering,” which makes it easier for Representatives to place their orders with Avon and ensures that they receive special product offers that are relevant to them.
  • A widget which lets Representatives embed the latest Avon TV advertisements and videos into their own social media platforms.

Avon is passionate about giving you technology that does not depersonalize your relationships with your customers, ensuring that the core element of our business is still at the heart of everything we do. The best way to describe selling for Avon? High tech, high touch, highly rewarding.

Join Avon and Be Next #GirlBoss. I would love to be your mentor and help you get your Avon business started today. The first step to becoming an U.S. Avon Representative is to complete the form below. I will reach out to you within 48 hrs.

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Sincerely, Nancy Rago
An AVON Leadership Bronze Ambassador and Team Mentor
AVON President’s Club Member 2014, 2015, 2016, Honor Society 2017 & 2018
#13 in Northeast Region for Personal Sales Increase 2018
#1 in District Online Sales 2015, 2016, 2017
#1 in Division Online Sales 2015

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