Fun Facts About Lipstick

Historical plus Contemporary Uses and Color Information

  • The use of lipstick dates back to about 5,000 years ago.
  • During the time of Queen Elizabeth I, 16th century, bright red lips and a stark white face became fashionable in England.
  • The first commercial lipstick was manufactured by a cosmetic company in France.
  • By 1915, lipstick was sold in cylinder metal containers, which had been invented by Maurice Levy. Women had to slide a tiny lever at the side of the tube with the edge of their fingernail to move the lipstick up to the top of the case.
  • Throughout the early 20th century, lipstick came in a limited number of shades. Dark red was one of the most popular shade throughout the 19th and 20th century.
  • Lipstick manufacturers began creating lipsticks in lavender, pale pink, white, and peach by the 1950s.
  • In 2012, bright bold lip colors became trendy again with saturated colors such as orange, or hot pink.
  • 70% of women are looking for a lipstick that combines intense color with moisture.††
  • Women are reapplying their lipstick every 4-5 hours each day.††
  • On average, women typically own up to 12 lipsticks.††

Source: Wikipedia

††Based on an Avon Usage Study, 2013.


Overwhelmed with all your lipstick options? Here’s something to smile about. We’ve curated all the best lipstick colors as well as the most desired benefits and the top finishes so that can find your perfect pout. From moisturizing to long-lasting lipstick — satin sangria to mocha matte lipstick — you’re sure to wow with a show-stopping smile.


Pamper your pout by giving it a kiss of moisture with hydrating lipsticks.


Work hard, play hard—your long-wearing lipstick stays through it all.


Pucker up! The caffeine from the plumping lipstick gives your pout a fuller look.

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