Party with Avon and Get Your Products for FREE!

Do you have family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, career women, new mothers, and retirees in your circle; that share your interest in beauty and fashion, and would support your goal of earning FREE products? You should consider hosting a party! I have outlined three different approaches … each to reach the same goal of earning hostess gifts and credits toward FREE products!

Have a Facebook Live Party

Do you have many family and friends connected to you on Facebook? Consider doing a Facebook Party! These can be done live and lots of fun! I put together the tools needed to run a successful Facebook Party including a personalized event invitation that you share among your friends. I can help with themes and provide the graphics with pre-launch posts to drive more attendance. During the event, I can do product demonstrations as well as run fun games where the winners are mailed their prizes. Facebook Parties can be kept open for a two-week period so there’s plenty of time to online shopping!

Have a Book Party*

Having a Book Party is easy and fun! There is no need to clean your home, no snacks to serve. I provide the Avon catalogs, an order book with collection envelope, and an assortment of product samples. All you have to do it share the books with family and friends who love Avon, take their orders and collect the payments. Online catalogs are available so invitees can be from anywhere in the Contiguous United States and Avon ships their orders directly to them! You follow up with your list and collect orders within a two-week period. The higher your sales, the more FREE products you can receive!

Have a Home Party*

Would you like to host a fun get-together with socialization and product demonstrations? You should consider doing a Home Party! I put together the tools needed to promote a successful Home Party. This includes a personalized postcard and/or email for you to forward to your list. I setup products to show at your house and can even help out with the snacks and drinks. Your party can be tailored to a theme. Guests might enjoy a margarita party, chocolate party, tea party or something outside on the deck. How about a foot spa, skin care, makeover, jewelry, or holiday-themed party? Are you looking for a different idea for a baby or bridal shower? The theme possibilities are endless, can be so much fun and really spices things up! Guests can also earn FREE gifts when they “Bring a Friend.” I lead them in games with door prizes. What could more fun than a get-together with shopping? Orders are generally taken at the end of the Home Party but if someone could not attend, we keep the party open for an additional two weeks to accommodate additional sales.

And When You Run a Party With Me, You Get …

  • A $10 hostess gift and 15% earned credit on product sales between $0 and $149.99,
  • An additional 10%+ of sales up to $299.99 and another 5%+ on sales up to $499.99,
  • 35%+ earned credit on product sales greater than $500,
  • “Thank You” gifts to you and your guest who books a future party!

Complete the form below to learn more about having a Party with Avon!

Thank you in advance for considering partying with me!
Nancy, the Avon Lady of NJ

P.S. Orders cannot be delivered without payment, so payments are done at the time of ordering. In-person payments can be with cash, personal check or credit card and orders are delivered to you, packaged by the invitee, for you to distribute. Online payments are done by credit card and can be shipped directly to anywhere in the Contiguous United States. At the end of your party, I will let you know you what you earned based on product sales totals.

P.S.S. Any party can be used as a Fundraiser!

* New Jersey residents of Morris, Sussex or Passaic County only.
+ Available on Avon’s core products like makeup, skincare, bath & body, and perfume. 15% earned credit maximum products are identified with a diamond symbol in the brochure and generally include the .mark line, fashion and home products.

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