Fragrance 101 — Get schooled on perfume, cologne and other scents!

Avon Fragrances for Women and Men

Take note

The Fragrance Pyramid — A fragrance is a subtle blend of notes with 3 distinct layers: top, middle, and base.

  • Top or Debut: The first impression — gets your attention and draws you in.
  • Middle or Heart: The full body of the scent is revealed and gives the fragrance its overall character.
  • Base or Trail: The lasting and memorable note that lingers and brings depth and richness.

Creative Juices — Fragrances come in perfum as well as eau de parfum, toilette, and cologne. Did you know that the differences in each form of fragrance have to do with the percentage of oils or “juice”? This determines its potency.

Forms & Concentrations

  • Parfum: 15-30% of perfume oil — the most potent, making the scent noticeable and last all day
  • Eau de Parfum: 8-15% — the next-highest concentration of perfume oils
  • Eau de Toilette: 4-8% — made to have a lighter wear on the skin
  • Eau de Cologne: 3-5% — spritz on to freshen up, but not for all-day, lasting wear

Be Sensible — Fragrance Do’s & Don’ts

  • Keep perfume and fragrances safe from extreme cold or heat. Once a bottle is opened, it should be used. An opened fragrance will begin to fade or change its scent over time.
  • Apply the fragrance directly to the skin, focusing on pulse points. Allow the heat from your body to develop the fragrance on your skin for a true impression.
  • Never try more than three scents at once, as your nose will lose its ability to differentiate between the scents. (Try keeping a clarifying scent on hand, such as coffee grinds to clear the “nose palette.”)

As a leading manufacturer of perfume globally, Avon is able to bring consumers worldwide prestigious celebrity scents, including VIVA, Outspoken and Outspoken Intense by Fergie; Unplugged for Her promoted by Jon Bon Jovi; Untouchable by Chris Paul; and Derek Jeter Driven, Driven Black and Driven Rush. Many of Avon’s fragrances for men and women extend to personal care products like body lotions, shower gels, and men’s grooming products.

The perfume was the first product ever offered by the company and remains a key part of Avon’s portfolio today.

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