Avon Pro Flawless Makeup Applicator: Don’t let the simplicity fool you, this sponge is the best way to seamlessly apply your makeup. Streak-free, flawless foundation, concealer, bronzer and powder have never been so easy (the trick is no hard edges!).

Avon Pro Flawless Makeup Applicator

Avon Pro Flawless Makeup Applicator

POINTED END: For hard-to-reach, delicate areas like around the eyes, nose, and mouth. WIDE, ROUNDED END: For overall face coverage, like on the forehead and cheeks.

1. Dampen Avon Pro Flawless Makeup Applicator with water, and remove the excess — this will help stop the product from being absorbed (less waste!).

2. Apply your liquid straight onto the sponge, or rub it into a compact.

3. Use the round end of the Avon Pro Flawless Makeup Applicator to dab your product on for overall face coverage — using a dabbing motion, instead of dragging or sweeping it, makes your makeup look more natural, and reduces streaks.

4. Use the pointed end to dab on the product in more delicate areas — this end is good for hard-to-reach parts, like under eyes, and near the nose or mouth.

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