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Are you thinking about becoming an Avon representative?

Unemployed Starting Direct Sales Businesses

In Direct Selling News “Breaking the Cycle of Unemployment“, the article states … “The direct selling industry is putting a dent in the unemployment cycle for numerous professionals. In fact, direct selling companies are some of the only organizations that offer significant, substantial training to the people who need it most — those who are currently unemployed — for little to no cost.”

Join My U.S. Team For Just $15 

Once this one-time appointment fee is paid, an appointment kit is shipped directly to you and includes everything needed to get started. You’ll receive an AVON account number, access to your online Representative Dashboard as well as as a FREE personal website. You’ll get access to coaching and training, brochures, samples and other sales-generating materials. All the tools needed to connect with customers!

I Can Show You What It Takes To Earn Money

Your training will help show you how to reach your goals YOUR WAY. Define your own success by simply selling AVON products or by recruiting and leading a team of others. I’ll be there every step of the way to help you succeed in your financial and personal goals. After training and you begin selling, AVON offers great incentives and earnings opportunities to keep you motivated and always wanting to sell more.

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