Always be your beautiful self.

Always be your beautiful self

Why Not You? Why Not Avon? To get started and become financially empowered, complete the required fields and I will contact you shortly.I will show you how I did it and be there every step of the way to help you succeed in your business and personal goals! I can help you start your AVON business anywhere in the Contiguous United States.

  • $15 start-up cost with brochures to begin selling with!
  • No inventory required
  • Bi-weekly earnings based on ordering
  • Personalized Avon website for online selling
  • Online web office for ordering and tracking
  • Free online training and tools
  • Enjoy added tax benefits with operating a home business
  • Bonus incentives including trips and awards

Nancy Rago
AVON Leadership Promoter
District 2079 – Cheetah Division (formerly the Metropolitan and Platinum Division)

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