All our “Rare” fragrances have a brilliant new look. RARE PEARLS, RARE GOLD and RARE DIAMONDS Eau de Parfum Spray ($23 value) are only $12.


Elegant yet modern, it captures the spirit of this iconic fragrance family that includes favorites Rare Gold and Rare Pearls. Now experience Rare Amethyst, the newest scent to join this sophisticated collection. Glamorous and captivating, it reveals every facet of your beauty.

The Rare fragrances have an elegance that is unmatched. Classic beauty paired with modern opulence, these precious gems evoke an inner beauty in all who wear them. The Rare brand is the #1 U.S. fragrance franchise for Avon.

Campaign 18 (C-18) Brochure. Online until Tuesday 08/25/2015 midnight EST.
Campaign 18 (C-18) Brochure. Online until Tuesday 08/25/2015 midnight EST. Pages 54 – 55.

RARE AMETHYST Eau de Parfum Spray
Passionate plum with mysterious violet and rich sandalwood. 1.7 fl. oz.
Item#: 933-062
Price: $23.00
Rare Amethyst Notes: Wet Plum, Violet, Veltol-Wrapped Sandalwood

RARE PEARLS Eau de Parfum Spray
Creamy magnolia with fresh rosewood and sensual sandalwood. 1.7 fl. oz.
Item#: 933-120
Price: $23.00 special $12.00
Rare Pearls Notes: Sparking Aldehydes, Pearlescent Flower Accord, Sandalwood

RARE GOLD Eau de Parfum Spray
Opulent orange flowers mixed with precious amber. 1.7 fl. oz.
Item#: 933-115
Price: $23.00 special $12.00
Rare Gold Notes: Bergamot, Orange Flower, Amber

RARE DIAMONDS Eau de Parfum Spray
A brilliant jewel faceted with sparkling plum blossom, diamond orchid and the sophisticated elegance of rich cashmere woods. 1.7 fl. oz.
Item#: 319-325
Price: $23.00 special $12.00

Meet the Perfumer


Jean-Marc Chaillan sees beauty in the contrast of his experience — from the urban excitement of New York, to the colorful spirit of his native Brazil and even the aromatic sensuality of southern France. In creating Rare Amethyst, Jean-Marc was inspired by the unique and magical qualities of the gemstone. He is proud of the way this fragrance translates the magnetic color, texture and essence of amethyst. Each note captures a different facet of the gem, resulting in a captivating and unmistakable scent.

Fragrance Tip: Layering the scent with the coordinating shower gel, body lotion and powder can help scent last longer.

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