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Avon Campaign 17, 2015
Campaign 18 Brochure: Re-write the rules! Show off your personal style with Avon Jewelry. Online until Tuesday 08/25/2015 midnight EST.
mark. Magalog 9/2015
Meet mark. Magalog 9/2015 Fall Fashion First Look. The trends you’ll be crazy for — guaranteed! Products available only inC18 and C19, no backorders can be accepted. Online until Tuesday 09/08/2015 midnight EST.
Avon Flyers:
Avon Flyer Outlet 17-18
Outlet 17-18: So Alluring! Online until Tuesday 08/25/2015 midnight EST.
Avon Flyer Outlet 18
Outlet 18: Bright Ideas! Online until Tuesday 08/25/2015 midnight EST.
Avon Flyer Summer Good Buy C17-18
Summer Good Buy C17-18: Summer Good Buy. Online until Tuesday 08/25/2015 midnight EST.
Avon Flyer Fall For Beautiful Skin C18-19
Fall For Beautiful Skin C18-19: Fall for Skin Perfection. Online until Tuesday 09/08/2015 midnight EST.
Avon Flyer Preview C18-19
Fall Preview C18-19: Fall Preview Picks & Packs. Online until Tuesday 09/08/2015 midnight EST.

Miss a Previous Campaign?

I can accept orders and sale prices from the previous two Avon campaign books and flyers as long as the product is in stock. Click on the below links to browse static versions of these books BUT make notes of the campaign number and item product number. Not valid on mark. Magalogs.

To order go to Quick Item Entry, on my website. In column 1 identify the campaign number, column 2 input the six digit product # (NOTE: Do not input dash), then tab over to column 4 (the system should automatically fill in product name), BUT go back and input quantity # in column 3. When you have inputed all or partial of your items, you need to select “Add to Bag”. On the upper right of the page the “Shopping Bag” will change to the number of items in your bag. You can review them at any time. The final step is to submit your order to Avon by selecting “Checkout” and following the systems prompts.

Avon Campaign 17, 2015
To order from Campaign 17Go to Quick Item Entry, input campaign number, product code and quantity. Orders accepted on in stock products until Tuesday 08/25/2015 midnight EST.
Avon Campaign 16, 2015
To order from Campaign 16Go to Quick Item Entry, input campaign number,  product code and quantity. Orders accepted on in stock products until Tuesday 09/08/2015 midnight EST.
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