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Speed Dry+ Nail EnamelSpeed Dry+ Nail EnamelSpeed Dry+ Nail Enamel
Speed Dry+ Nail Enamel
Dries in less than 30 seconds! Makes nails feel rock hard! This fast-drying formula contains Avon’s Flash Dry Technology, a unique blend of quick-drying ingredients, and Volcanic Rock. The customized flat brush allows the formula to glide on smoothly and evenly without streaking. Your nails will be polished in no time at all.
No formaldehyde, toluene or DBP. .4 fl. oz.
TO USE: SHAKE WELL. Apply first coat to each nail, let dry and apply second coat.

Customer Reviews about Speed Dry+ Nail Enamel:

“Awesome. Love that it dries so quickly.”

“This polish comes in great colors and really does dry in less than 2 minutes! We have several colors and use it in place of almost any other product we own.”

“have used several colors of the Speed Dry polish with good results. I use a good basecoat first, then apply 2 coats of color, then a topcoat. My nails dry pretty quickly (although not in 30 seconds because of the extra coats). When I do this, it lasts between 5-7 days depending on activity level, but enough to get me through a week at the office. I’ve touched up the polish on occasion if it wore out on the very edge of my nail with good results.Remember that a basecoat on just scrubbed fingernails (to take off any lotions, oils or sanitizers you might have applied over the day) will give you longer lasting results. This isn’t anywhere as durable as gels and it isn’t meant to be. It is great if you need something fast drying and presentable. You just need to be sensible about applying it. Also, try to recap the bottle quickly because as a fast-drying formula, it will thicken quickly.”

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