Three Easy Steps to a Skin Care Regimen

8 out of 10 people who use facial skin care use 2 or 3 products consisting of a cleanser, moisturizer and eye treatment. This is called a skin care regimen. There are four basic products that everyone must use on a daily basis to keep their skin in peak condition — a cleaner, day and night moisturizer as well as a treatment especially for eye area. There are 5 different skin types: dry, oily, combination, sensitive and blemished.

Here are the 3 basic steps to having a good skin care regimen.

Step 1. Cleanse (Morning & Evening)
Begin with a cleanser to clean out your pores, remove impurities and prepare skin for moisturizers and treatments. Cleanse to lathers away dirt, makeup and oil. Choose a cleaner for your correct skin type. For example, you don’t want to leave skin so dry it reacts by overproducing oil. Gently massage your cleaner onto skin. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Pat dry.

Step 2. Moisturize (Morning & Evening)
For daytime protection, apply a day cream with SPF sunscreen. In the evening, use a night cream. Choose from the same category as your cleanser. Both will hydrate your skin and reduce signs of aging. Smooth over cleansed/toned face & neck using gentle upward strokes.

Why is it important to use BOTH a day and night cream? During the day, skin is exposed to environmental aggressors such as the sun, pollution, and UV rays from office lighting. Avon’s day creams are formulated with SPF and UVA/UVB protection to treat and protect skin while providing moisture. At night, facial skin is at its driest and most receptive to treatments and moisture. Therefore, Avon’s Night creams are designed to be richer than their Day cream counterparts. And all of Avon’s Anew day and night moisturizers support elastin and collagen health. Elastin provides elasticity while collagen provides your skin support.

Step 3. Eye Treatment (Morning or Evening after cleansing/toning)

Treat your eye area with an eye treatment that complements your day and night creams and treat the vulnerable eye area with extra care. Start today for younger-looking skin!

Avon is an expert in the skin care industry, and Anew continues to be cutting-edge and innovative for its anti-aging properties and patented ingredients. Anew has become one of the world’s top anti-aging brands. Avon Representatives sell over 7,000 jars of Anew sold each hour!

I am an Avon Skin Care Specialist here to help you select the right AVON product to address your skin concerns. Contact me and lets discuss your skin concerns. I LOVE to help people find the correct skin care product to begin their skin care regimen.



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