Our Award-Winning Wrinkle Fighter Just Got Even Better!

Deep Wrinkles Begin to Fade in Just Days
Our triple-action wrinkle-fighter Clinical Pro+ Line Eraser Treatment is now powered by encapsulated, timed-release A-F33+ Complex. Buy now and save at the intro special price of $24.99!

Campaign 10 (C-10). Online until Tuesday 05/05/2015 midnight EST.
Campaign 10 (C-10). Online until Tuesday 05/05/2015 midnight EST. Pages 72-73.


Line and wrinkles are the #1 concern for those interested in anti-aging skin care. Pro+ Line Eraser Treatment is for those noticing lines and wrinkles in their skin and who want a fast-acting product that delivers dramatic results without drastic measures.

ANEW CLINICAL Pro+ Line Eraser Treatment
1 oz. net wt.
• Dermatologist-tested.
• Allergy-tested.
• Non-comedogenic.
• Non-acnegenic.
Item#: 283-774
Price: intro special $24.99
Will be $35.00

Patented A-F33 (Amino-Fill 33) works unlike AHA, unlike retinol, unlike injectable collagen. The look of deep wrinkles begin to fade in just 1 week. 100% of women showed improvement in fine wrinkles in 2 weeks. Over time, 27% improvement in fine and deep wrinkles. Designed to work with any ANEW skin care regimen to help optimize results.

How To Use:
Apply after cleansing. Follow with moisturizer.

Contact me for a sample today!

*Based on a clinical study.

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