#FashionTip: How to Find Your Bra Size

Why come to Avon to Shop from Home for Your Everyday Needs?

  • Buying fashion intimates online, like bras, can be intimidating. Here you can shop on your own time and in the privacy of your own home. No crowded malls, no searching through racks.
  • I offer a full range of sizes and you can enjoy great savings off these wardrobe essentials. Avon is always competitive with prices are comparable to retail stores sales prices.
  • You will find the best selling styles and most trusted brands including BALI®, Hanes®, Just My Size® and Playtex® brands. I also carry Strapless Bras, Curves® Active Sports Bras and Body Illusions shapewear. There really is something for everyone!
  • I offer many styles and colors with band sizes ranging from 34* to 50* and cup sizes from B* to DDD*. I’m confident I can find the perfect bra for every Customer. *Not all styles are available in all sizes.
  • I’m here to offer personal advice and help get the bra size that’s right for you. Contact me to begin the conversation. I’ve also put these sizing tips together to help you get the right bra size.
  • And after your order arrives rest assured that if you have a problem with your purchase, I’ll handle the exchange or return for you. That’s the Avon guarantee!

Bra Measuring & Sizing
You can go up or down a cup and or band size with weight gain or loss, monthly changes, after giving birth, with exercise, etc. So it’s important to measure yourself for your most current size. 
For best results, have someone else measure you. If in-between sizes, buy the larger size.


How to Measure in 3 Easy Steps:

  • Step 1. Measure Band Size. Take a snug measurement around rib cage, below your bust and shoulder blades. Then add 4 inches. If you get an odd number (like 35), round up one (to 36).
  • Step 2. Measure Cup Size. With bra on and clothes off, measure around the fullest part of your bust.
  • Step 3. Compare bust measurement. to the band measurement. Subtract the bean measure (Step 1) from the bust measurement (Step 2).

Bra Sizes for Most Bras & All-In-Ones:
If the difference is 0″, then cup size is AA. A 1″ difference indicates an A cup, 2″ is a B cup, 3″ is a C cup, 4″ is a D cup, 5″ is a DD cup, 6″ is a DDD or F cup, 7″ is a G cup, 8″ is a H cup, and 9″ is a I cup.

Intimates are Representative Delivery Only:
Contact me so I can help you find the style and size you need and make arrangements for shipping.

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